Welcome to the Esri South Africa blog.

Welcome to the Esri South Africa blog

I am happy to announce that we are officially launching the new home of the Esri South Africa blog! This site is intended to provide some practical and useful information to our current Esri users and business partners as well as to the wider community. Keep coming back to see what’s new – we are striving to continually add content that addresses the practical side of the ArcGIS technology, from lessons learnt through our own experience in working with the products.
Please feel free to leave comments, queries, and suggestions in the feedback boxes and I encourage you to collaborate with the blog poster – typically, this will be the best person to ask questions about that particular topic.
The blog is also intended to let you get to know the staff at Esri South Africa. We are a diverse bunch of technical (and sometimes crazy!) people and all somehow ended up having a passion for GIS and technology.
Happy reading!
– Richard