Many government organizations and commercial businesses that deliver a product or service to the public have the challenge of understanding their “customer” better. We have found that using the exclusive IDEAL dataset offers them a competitive edge over their competitors. Esri customers use the IDEAL dataset to get the most granular data available for demographics, land use and population growth, this has tremendous business value because customers can take more informed decisions on where the build or market their business.
The data is “IDEAL” to empower our customers with a unique dataset to support them in making better decisions.
There are three major advantages in using this dataset compared to other “similar” datasets like the STATS SA data.

  • The dataset is presented at Enumerated Area (EA) which is the most granular level available for this type of information, it uses the same frame as the STATS SA data so it can be aggregated to higher level if required.
  • The most commonly used information in demographics is the population figures, the IDEAL dataset provides the Daytime and Night time population which is not available in any other dataset and offers major advantages in terms of understanding an area.
  • The data is maintained and updated on an annual basis.

The picture below gives you an indication of the difference between (sub place and enumerator area) the +/- 50 EA’s fall within one Sub place, this gives our users a much better picture on what is happening on the ground.
EA's_Sub Place
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Advanced Measure of Land Activity