Cloud-based change detection solution

Cloud-based change detection solution

South African GIS start-up, Swift Geospatial, has developed a new cloud-based change detection solution called SWIFTview.  It is a first-of-its-kind daily monitoring tool enabling users to monitor any site worldwide, on a daily basis.
Swift Geospatial utilises ArcGIS server in the cloud, together with daily acquired 3 m satellite imagery, to deliver near real-time change monitoring. For verification purposes 30cm imagery, updated weekly to monthly, is also included.

Utilising the latest in satellite technology, SWIFTview provides results that show users what’s happening on the ground in near real time. Advanced custom algorithms compare the data every single day – meaning any change that occurs on the ground is immediately picked up, mapped and the user is alerted.

The Benefits

  • Daily alerts of change occurring on the ground, so there’s no need to continuously check imagery.
  • High resolution imageryfor analysis – view and download all past and future imagery.
  • Access via online portal; no need for any specific training, GIS software or specialised personnel.
  • Applications include infrastructure monitoring, electrical network servitude monitoring, pipeline servitude monitoring, agriculture, forestry, conservation and construction.

Case Study – Pipeline Monitoring

Oil and gas pipelines run for many thousands of kilometres across South Africa, and similarly across the globe. Commercial activities, usually construction and development, can interfere and damage these lines causing huge losses in a very short time. Large amounts of money are spent monitoring these sites manually using aerial platforms (such as helicopters) and ground teams. Despite this many disturbances are not detected.

SWIFTview was developed to increase detection rates by providing daily alerts, so that the entire pipeline network is monitored in near real time. Custom algorithms were developed, implemented and applied to optical satellite imagery collected daily, so that every day the newly acquired image is compared to the previous day’s image and changes within the pipeline servitudes are detected. False positives are minimised as agriculture and infrastructure filters are applied automatically.

The design functionality reduces human input and error, and greatly improves problem detection along the entire pipeline network, with no additional infrastructure, human resources, training or hardware required. It is instantly scalable and covers any piece of land on the globe.

The end result is greatly increased problem detection along thousands of kilometres of pipeline and substantial cost savings for the client in the long term.