EIS-AFRICA is a network of professionals and organizations.

Over the years the EIS community has grown to comprise individual practitioners, institutions (African as well as international), and partners in the private sector. There are others who are not formally members of the network, but may use its services and products. Many individuals within the EIS community belong to other professional associations and other groups. Individuals and organisations are encouraged to sign up to become duly registered members.

EIS-AFRICA recognises the emergence of sub-regional groupings within the EIS community. These groupings address issues from a sub-regional perspective, and will therefore work as partners and collaborators at that level.

Individual Membership

IS-AFRICA membership benefits include:

  • All EIS-AFRICA publications free of charge
  • Substantial discount on registration for AfricaGISTM (the premier Africa-wide conference on GIS organized every two years)
  • Reciprocal membership to the Association of American Geographers (AAG)
  • Prioritisation for consulting opporunitites
  • Registration on the EIS-AFRICA member database
  • Opportunity to advertise job vacancies and other professional opportunities on the EIS-AFRICA website
  • Prioritisation for sponsorship to conferences and workshops

Membership dues are USD $50 for two years.
Contact us for the membership application.

EIS-AFRICA Membership Form

EIS-AFRICA Membership Application Instructions

New Member Pack Letter Template