International Trainees – September 2018

International Trainees – September 2018

Zambian geologist enhances GIS skills

Isaac Sinyinza from Anglo Exploration Zambia recently completed four Esri training modules at the Esri South Africa head office in Johannesburg. A geologist by profession, Isaac has found himself working increasingly with geographic information systems (GIS) and IT. Wanting to expand his geospatial skills and to find out more about the capabilities of GIS, Isaac consulted with Esri South Africa and signed up for the following courses: ArcGIS 3: Performing Analysis, Building Geodatabases, Practical Applications of Remote Sensing Using ArcGIS and Working with Spatial Analyst.

Isaac found the Building Geodatabases course particularly useful and is looking forward to developing a central database to facilitate data sharing and accessibility at his workplace. As a result of undergoing the training, he has improved his technical GIS knowledge and has been exposed to a variety of geospatial tools and their possible application to his workspace. Isaac also received advice on how to adapt workflows to ensure effective use of the geospatial tools.  Going forward he would like to arrange additional training sessions at his offices in Zambia where he can utilise his organisation’s data for training purposes.

Isaac intends completing the Esri Diploma as he sees professional value in getting a formal GIS qualification. He will receive recognition of prior learning for the courses he has already completed and is looking forward to working through the other courses in the diploma syllabus.

GIS skills for Nigeria’s digital addressing project

Shuaib Nakuru Mahmood from the Nigerian Post Office recently completed the ArcGIS Standard course in preparation for his organisation’s role in developing Nigeria’s addressing infrastructure.

Nigeria’s recently inaugurated National Addressing System Committee has been tasked with developing a standardised digital addressing system for the country. The National Addressing System is expected to play an important role in mail delivery, service delivery, tax collection and security.

Following the training, Shuaib has acquired theoretical and practical skills in the manipulation and management of spatial data, and understands the relationships between features and database attributes. He has learnt how to manage data files, create new data and how to analyse spatial data.

Shuaib’s immediate aim is to establish a GIS department at the Nigerian Post Office which will be responsible for developing and managing the digital addressing system. He intends to continue training with Esri South Africa, and plans to tackle the ArcGIS Advanced and Geocoding and Routing courses next. Once the implementation stage of the project is reached, departmental training will be required.

In the meantime, the Nigerian Post Office has launched its Address Verification App which collects addresses with the intention of creating a centralised and up-to-date database of physical addresses as well as details of the occupants.