Schools Program

Esri South Africa

Preparing young people for bright futures

Esri South Africa has various options available to meet the individual requirements of Geography teachers within South African schools.
The packages available are:¬†Esri South Africa’s locally developed FundaLula OR The ArcGIS for Schools Bundle

The choice of package will depend on a schools’ access to the internet and how advanced teachers are in teaching GIS.

[cl-ib image=”53586″ title=”ArcGIS for Schools” desc=”The ArcGIS for Schools Bundle is designed to provide schools with an affordable way to access commercial off the shelf software.” animation=”phorcys” bgcolor=”rgba(26,153,173,0.84)” ratio=”2×1″ title_size=”24″ title_mobile_size=”18″ desc_size=”14″ desc_mobile_size=”10″]