Data Disclaimer

1. Licensing and Copyrights:
Esri South Africa has the right to distribute datasets to clients. Copyright of the datasets are held by the respective data custodians of each dataset. The client does not have the license to redistribute the given dataset. However, they are allowed to distribute the dataset internally or to contractors who are doing projects on behalf of the client.
Should the client require clarification on the distribution of data, please contact

2. Accuracy and Currency:
Datasets are continuously being updated, with varying frequency. The dataset provided, is already acknowledged as being historical on the day of delivery. The client acknowledges that they are responsible for following up on these updates, unless contracted otherwise. Such contracts may include data maintenance which includes data updates being sent to clients when received.

3. Metadata and Documentation:
Esri South Africa will endeavour to provide the necessary metadata based on inputs from the data custodians. This will include data descriptions and properties. All associated documentation will be packaged with the corresponding datasets. This documentation clarifies the data content, source, processing, methodology etc.

4. Acknowledgement:
Should this data be utilised in any publications or in any product the correct data custodian should be correctly acknowledged. No data should be claimed as ones own as all copyrights remain with the data custodian.

5. Liability:
The client is responsible for ensuring the adequacy of the datasets prior to committing to purchase. Esri South Africa cannot be held liable in the event of lost sales, lost data, business interruptions, lost savings and profits or any other losses experienced as a result of the datasets purchased from Esri South Africa.


Terms of Use

1. Processing and Analysis:
The client is responsible for familiarising themselves with the terms of use associated with all acquired datasets as these may vary per dataset. The client is not to perform any analysis or processing on the data if not set out in their license agreement.
The datasets supplied by Esri South Africa may not in anyway be reverse engineered in order to create new products and be sold to other users. The datasets may not be served, in part or in full, on the internet for other users to download. This will go against license agreements and copyrights of the data which may lead to further action to be taken against the client. However, the dataset may be published within a map service.

2. Distribution:
External distribution of the acquired dataset is prohibited. The client is allowed to distribute the data internally or to contractors who are doing projects on behalf of the client, unless stated otherwise within the license agreement.

3. End of License Agreement:
Upon termination of the license agreement all copies of the data that has been acquired are to be removed/deleted from all hardware it may be stored on. The client is also then responsible for providing Esri South Africa with a certified document stating that all copies of the data have been removed/deleted.