EIS-AFRICA is a legitimate and accountable pan-African agency that provides a single point of contact for donors, international agencies, governments and the private sector to undertake research studies and implement and manage projects throughout Africa in the domain of geospatial science and technology.

Our Mission and Vision


EIS-AFRICA wants to be recognized by our strategic partners, clients and the public as a legitimate and leading organization developing African capacity to generate, use, manage and disseminate geo-spatial information, science and technology to enrich policy debate and support decision-making for the well-being of Africa’s people.


An African Society where geospatial information for sustainable development is readily available and easily accessible.


EIS-AFRICA was created by African experts, to advance Africa’s development goals through more effective access and use of geospatial information, science and technology. EIS-AFRICA has played a guiding role in the formation of environmental information systems at national and sub-national levels on the African continent. As a pan-African network organisation, EIS-AFRICA has been particularly successful in creating awareness about the need for stakeholders to work together within and among countries, and to share common data architecture and information resources.

In terms of capacity building EIS-AFRICA has convened the biennial AfricaGIS conferences, which have provided geospatial professionals opportunities to network, share their research, and learn about the latest developments in geospatial technologies.

EIS-AFRICA has been incorporated as an association under Section 21 of the South African Companies Act (Act 61, 1973), registered as non-profit association in the Republic of South Africa since 2000.  The organisation is governed by an elected Board of Directors (from its members) and is audited annually. Audited financial statements are presented at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and are available to members and the public to ensure transparency, accountability and good business practise of the legal entity.  EIS-AFRICA’s daily activities are undertaken by a Secretariat based in South Africa.

Strategic Objectives


EIS-AFRICA will strive:

  • To provide access to geospatial and environmental data and information, science and technology through leveraging our international network and the use of appropriate technologies.
  • To promote and facilitate the use of environmental and geospatial information, science and technology to influence the development of policy, processes and activities for sustainable development on the African continent.
  • To identify, develop, enhance and professionalize African environmental and geospatial information science and technology capacity.
  • To implement best practices in institutional governance and management.
  • To ensure the ethical use of personal location information.
  • To be a transparent and financially accountable organisation.
  • To acknowledge and respect the cultural diversity of all Africans.